15 January 2011

The Storm Came by Nate Munson

The storm came rolling into my life,
While I was rolling out of bed.
I didn’t hear the glorious thunder,
Over the horrifying news on the t.v.
I didn’t see the spectacular light show,
‘Cause I was too busy reading the sports pages.
Damn, the Cowboys done lost again.
And then the cleansing rain came;
It soaked me through and through,
But I can’t lie to you,
I didn’t feel it,
Because I was too occupied drinking,
My corporate green tea.
The wind started blowing,
And the birds just float in its,
Awesome power,
But I’d rather let the money,
Carry me to my misguided dreams.
The storm came rolling into me,
But I just looked away.
-Nate Munson

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