12 January 2011

Summer Nights by Nate Munson

I miss those summer nights,
      back near the T,
where the railroad tracks,
             passed by Dairy Queen.
I miss,
    when the air was still,
              except for an occasional breeze,
that strolled in,
       from West to East;
headed from Fort Worth to Dallas.

A summer night in Texas is a wonderful thing.

      The country-side is quiet,
and every star seems close enough to touch,
     as we would lie in the bed of my truck.
The mesquite trees would surround us,
         as we meandered through Blue Bonnets,
and Indian Paintbrushes.
then you were gone,
     I would take my truck out to a pasture,
and just lay in the bed,
                          by myself,
                    during these lonely times.
The galaxy seemed to float there,
         just out of reach.
That was my comfort,
       that’s how I would get by without You.
   those days are just memories,
and I traded my truck,
   for a Humvee,
                     and my trustee M-16.
I’ll never forget those,
warm summer nights,
      lying barefoot in the bed of a pickup truck,
and letting the stars vibrantly settle in that little piece of Texas,
that I called my home.

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